About Us

COAN West Africa Limited is a construction company offering integrated solutions and related services. COAN is known for executing complex engineering solution that require the highest level of technical expertise be it

• Civil Engineering services - Bridge construction, Road and Drain construction, Dam construction, Public and Private building structures.

•Electrical Engineering services - Power supply infrastructure, Street lights installation, Telecommunication and ICT infrastructure.

•Mechanical Engineering services – Construction of Water supply network, Sewer and Sewage network.
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State-of-The-Art Construction Methods and Technologies

The company utilizes state-of-the-art construction methods and technologies to ensure that quality and innovation are prioritized for the benefit of clients. Core competencies cover all project phases, including planning, design, engineering, construction, maintenance and operation, for infrastructure, industry and building projects. We have the ability and resources to self-perform cast-in-place concrete and rebar placement, carpentry, drywall/acoustical ceilings, minor excavation and general conditions.

"To provide engineering solution in construction by operating in a holistic approach with multiple resources and personnel expertise to deliver on client requisitions."
"To become a leader in Engineering construction in West-Africa, delivering projects that consistently meet international standards."
Deliver to our clients the highest level of quality construction services at fair and market competitive cost. Maintain the highest level of professionalism, integrity, honesty, fairness and client satisfaction.

What Makes Us COAN ?



Creating a safe and healthy work environment is a part of COAN's dynamic culture.

Integrated Project Approach

COAN's integrated approach begins during the design phase: working collaboratively with design partners and subcontractors, helps identify and resolve conflicts and constructability issues to drive down costs and ensure that your vision is maintained. As construction leaders, COAN employees demonstrate a commitment to safety, quality, and sustainability. This commitment positively differentiates COAN from competitors.


What binds people together, regardless of jobs or personal characteristics, is a shared set of core values.

Partners in Building

As a construction contractor, COAN adds value to customers and business partners by working to reduce costs, tighten schedules, and provide safe worksites. It transforms contractual relationships into a cohesive project team with a single set of goals and established procedures for resolving issues before they become disputes.


COAN's growing commitment to sustainability is grounded by the guiding principle of social responsibility.


COAN quality management program is formulated to ensure a commitment to quality is apparent to all employees, clients, design partners, and trade contractors. This commitment ensures quality performance, and improves client and design team satisfaction.

Our Capabilities

When you choose COAN, you choose a highly experienced construction contractor. COAN is known for adding value, superior workmanship, and fiscal responsibility. Your project will be built to your complete satisfaction.

When COAN project team is engaged to provide preconstruction services during the design phase, clients receive valuable input when the most critical project decisions are being made about their projects.

COAN delivers on-time substantiated cost estimates and price certainty based on a solid track record of project management and risk analysis experience. COAN can tailor budgets to fit any need.

COAN understands the impact of procurement and commissioning schedules is paramount to the overall construction schedule.

Project-specific execution plans ensure critical components of the project are incorporated into the overall construction plan promptly.

COAN uses organized construction-risk management system to make sound business decisions and achieve the true cost of a project.

COAN is a construction company with track record for examining designs and construction alternatives that enhance the performance of services, while providing opportunities for cost savings right from up-front design, and later into construction, operation and maintenance.

COAN is known as a construction company with seasoned workforce and a can-do attitude. As a leading employer, COAN attracts top talents who bring fresh perspectives to the organization.

COAN early involvement in a project delivers added value.

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